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Summit 2022

Our Main Room

Event Flow

1. Delegates Assamble
Delegates, Assemble! is a welcoming session for delegates to start their journey in FLS 2022 as well as an opening session to start a series of FLS 2022 events. At this event, keynote speakers (President RI/BAPPENAS/Kemendikbud) will deliver remarks and speakers session.
2. Empowerment Talks
Empowerment Talks is a session that will be brought by public figures from the younger generation to share insightful experiences for the delegates. The main theme raised in this session is how youths prioritize their own education. With this session, it is hoped that it can motivate and ignite the enthusiasm of the delegates to become the best version of themselves.
3. “How Might We”
“How Might We” is a session that will divide delegates in each room. This session contains the initiation of issues that will be presented in each room at the Grand Summit later. The issues raised in each room must be resolved by the delegates with an open discussion session. In this session there will also be speakers in each room to open their views on the problems and issues that will be discussed
1. Grand Summit
This Grand Summit session is the culmination of the unification of ideas and ideas from the delegates, a form of initiation of youth ideas to build the nation. In this session, delegates will be gathered in one meeting room. This session also contained a validation agenda by BAPPENAS and several parties who were experts in their fields. This session will be moderated by 1 person to help the discussion run. The expected output from this session is that every idea that has been explained by the delegates can be considered as a solution for national problems.
1. Needs Discovery
Needs Discovery is a session where delegates will be explained about what skills are needed in a field of work. This session is provided to prepare for the world of work. Needs Discovery will be filled by experienced mentors in their fields.
2. Youth Talks
Youth Talks is a presentation session on the role of youth in the development of human civilization. These Youth Talks will be filled with young people who have made changes and achievements in their respective career fields.
1. FLS Action Week
FLS Action Week is part of the FLS 2022 event where delegates will implement concrete actions to support the improvement of national issues that have been discussed during the Grand Summit of the six rooms. In this session, the committee freed the delegates to promote service actions according to their respective creativity.
2. Graduation Day
On Graduation Day, delegates will be symbolically released with all the competencies that have been forged during the FLS 2022 event. This session was also a place for the announcement of awards for several outstanding delegates.